Saturday, April 24, 2010

a parcel of herbals

A couple of days ago I received a hefty box of herbs from Mountain Rose, and am so grateful now that it's my day off that I can enjoy a nourishing tea and soothe myself from the maelstrom of the work week and continue my allergy treatment also.

Today I stuck to ingredients that have been my most revered favorites for a long time, but I am also inspired by a blend at the Mountain Rose site called Vita-Blend.

My mix includes a good pinch of nettles, alfalfa, oatstraw, and horsetail, and then a bit of orange peel and licorice.

I am particularly excited to start using the alfalfa in teas. I was reading The Way of Herbs for my course last week, and gravitated to the description of this herb as "a superlative restorative tonic" the name of which means "Father of all Foods" in Arabic.

I have lost a little weight during the last few months, which isn't necessarily bad since I feel fine and am eating healthy meals, but I am interested in the properties of this herb for ensuring the assimilation of nutrients, and thus increasing flesh and thus strength and vitality. Apparently, this is quite similar to the effects of Astragalus, which is another herb that I ordered and am looking forward to learning about.

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